About Jonna

We started Jonna in with the ambition of making biking more available. We aim to give our bikes a longer lifetime by constant maintenance and re-conditioning. Jonna happens to be a fairly common name, but it is also old school Stockholm slang for biking in a careless, no fuzz way.

We officially opened up for business in September 2020. We did a trial run with a number of different bikes summer 2020. We used to do service and maintenance from our houses.

After summer we finally started. Building our own bike was not an end goal, it just happened to be the only way we could secure quality and speedy service.

In December we won the Stockholm City Innovation Award!

We who work here

We are three of us working with Jonna. Fredrik, who runs operations has previously rented out cars via peer to peer sharing platform Snappcar. Erik and Martin, have built and sold bikes for more than 10 years being the founders of the Swedish bike brand Stålhästen.

Through our work in bike shops we have come across more and more customers who simply don’t take the time for regular service, meanwhile costs and waiting time for service has increased.