Långholmsgatan 30 (i Stålhästens butik).


Jonna bike rental

We are located in Stålhästens store in Hornstull at Långholmsgatan 30. There is a sign saying “cyklar” i.e. bikes. You are always welcome here to pickup or leave your bike, to service your bike or just go for a test ride.

Please return/cancel your bike 24h before your next payment, as we at times have peaks and might not have time to go through your bike directly.

Our store on Långholmsgatan 30 in Hornstull is open:

Monday: 10-18
Tuesday: 10-18
Wednesday: 10-18
Thursday: 10-18
Friday: 10-18
Lördag 12-16 (cancellations are processed first on the monday after)

We handle all emails within 24 hours. You are welcome to call, but most of the time we are not able to answer as we are in the workshop or out on town.

Contact support

Jonna AB

Org. nr. 5592491541