Terms and conditions

Terms and contitions (these terms are only a translation of the Swedish T&C’s which are the guiding terms)2021-03-01

1 Definitions

The terms and conditions includes the following:

Subscription: Agreement between Jonna and renter for using bike and services in exchange for payment as of these terms.

Terms: These terms and conditions.

End date: End date of subscription due to cancellation by handing back bike or by message from Jonna.

Bike: The bike the renter has access to during the subscription.

Renter: All physical persons (private persons) signing a subscription with Jonna.

Jonna: Jonna AB, 559249-1541.

Service guarantee: The solution Jonna offers by either repairing or replacing a bike, if it is not ride-able.

No service guarantee at home adress: See definition in article 5.4.

2 Applicability

2.1 These terms are in effect for all contracts between Jonna and renters.

2.2 Contracts between Jonna and renters in deviation from or in addition to these terms and conditions applies only if explicitly confirmed in writing by Jonna, e.g. via email.

2.3 All sums mentioned by Jonna include VAT.

3. Subscription

3.1 During an active contract a renter has access to Jonna’s services. These include the bike with one lock and key, a basket, and back and front lights. The renter has also right to service guarantee (see section 5), as well as service for all types of issues at our location.

3.2 If the key is lost or damaged a new key may be ordered by Jonna, if one exists. New key cost is 250kr.

4. Terms

4.1 The renter shall take care of the bike as well as possible. This entails making sure screws and fittings are always tightened and not cycling with a loose chain.

4.2 The bike should only be in private use and may not be used by others than the renter.

4.3 The bike may not be used for commercial purposes, such as delivery services.

4.4 The bike belongs to Jonna or finance company partnering with Jonna. The renter is responsible to follow and apply to terms and conditions.

4.5 The renter may not make any changes to the bike, which cannot be restored without damaging the bike.

4.6 The renter is responsible for updating Jonna on correct home adress in good time. Renters adress must be renters registered home adress, unless Jonna agrees otherwise.

4.7 Renter must be 18 years of age, not have any debt to the state or sw. “betalningsanmärkningar” at the start of or at any point of the subscription period.

4.8 In order to rent an e-bike Jonna will first take a credit check and renter must have a Swedish home insurance.

5. Service guarantee at home address

5.1 Jonna aims to change or repair bikes within min 5 working days after the renter reports it via the damage claim form. Location of this is given adress (of initial order) of the renter.

5.2 The renter cannot claim compensation if the break down guarantee has not been done within 5 working days.

5.3 Rollig service only applies to damages due to normal wear or theft/vandalism and is only applicable in valid post codes. Examples of regular wear are punctures, broken chain or broken pedals. Non-working lights is not part of the guarantee, but can always be fixed at our stores.

5.4 If renter orders on site service for what is not covered by guarantee (“Non guarantee“) Jonna has the right to charge a cost for driving out for 300 SEK. If renter is not present during a scheduled service window this will be viewed as a Non-guarantee case.

5.5 During service guarantee on location renter must meet up with bike, key, and ID.

6. Subscription and cancellation

6.1 The subscription and potential plan type is chosen by the renter at the order stage.

6.2 To end a contract renter must give notice 10 days in advance of coming in with bike (see cancellation form in FAQ). After that renter hands in bike, lock and key on the given day and the contract will be cancelled.

6.3 Subscription are always paid 30 days in advance, regardless of what day in the period the month is handed back. If renter has already paid, but first picks up bike several days after, renter has the option to postpone next deduction accordingly. Renters do not get refunds for non-used days at early return early in the billing cycle.

6.4 For committed plans the starting date is the date of the initial order. Once a plan (committed months) are done the subscription carries on to a monthly subscription. Cancellation during a committed plan is not possible, but if a renter still wants/has to hand back the bike the deductions will be done until plan ends.

6.5 The subscription is not applicable to the Swedish distansavtalslagen (lag (2005:59) om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler) after renters have agreed to the bike and started riding. A renter always has the right to cancel and refund before riding away with the bike at start.

6.6 Both Jonna and renters may cancel a monthly subscription at any time. Renters must leave bike and key(s) back to Jonna staff to cancel suscription.

6.7 In the event Jonna cancels a subscription (e.g. due to lack of payment after reminders) an end date will communicated 7 days in the future, during which the renter can hand back the bike. If bike is not handed back within this tima a fee of 100kr/day will be applied for maximum 7 days. If bike is not handed back within 14 days Jonna will report bike as stolen by renter. In that event renter is also required to pay Jonna in full, see table 1, on top of other any other oustanding debt.

Table 1: Full fee bike

7xl standard bike 5,900 SEK
E-bike 20,000 SEK

7. Theft & vandalism

7.1 7 speed standard bike

7.1.1 To minimize theft the bike must always be locked with the included lock. The frame must be connected to a fixed object with the lock in order to be insured by Jonna.

7.1.2 In the event of loss or theft of a bike the renter must report this to Jonna by attaching a police report. If this is done in time, and key is handed back, the lowest deductible will apply. Once user has reported to Jonna, followed up with a police report and paid the deducitble in full the renter can recieve a new bike. See our FAQ (in Swedish) jonnabike.se for instructions on how to file a theft report.

Table 2: Lower deductible

7 vxl standard bike750 SEK
E-bike – only full fee bike, renter uses own home insurance

7.1.3 If the renter does no report theft in due time or does not hand back the bike key, the renter will be invoice the higher fee of 3500 SEK. If the bike at point of theft is not locked according to terms, the renter must pay the full fee, for non-returned bike.

7.1.4 Subscriptionfees keep running during a claim/theft process is finalized; when key is handed back, fee is paid and police report correctly submitted. Until claim is processed renter does not have the right to cancel the subscription.

7.1.5 If a stolen bike is found/recovered within 2 months and left to Jonna the theft fee will be sent to the renter.

7.1.6 If parts of the bike is missing or stolen (e.g. saddle, lamp or wheel) the same principle for theft will be applied. Renters are fully liable for missing part, but may use the insurance if costs exceed 750 kr. A specific fee for self cost of parts is available from Jonna.

7.1. 7 The theft fee (deductible) is increased with 750kr per occurence and customer.

7.2 E-bike

7.2.1 For e-bikes there is no form of insurance or theft protection included in the subscription. In the event of theft, the renter will be invoiced the total value of the e-bike, for which the renter might be able to claim on their own insurance.

8. Damages and service

8.1 Renter should bring bike immediately to Jonna for service if they need assistance with regular care (e.g. tightening screws/chain or other loose parts). Jonna will maintain bike within 15 minutes or trade out for a working bike.

8.2 In the event of damages on the bike that far exceed regular wear and tear, Jonna has the right to invoice the user for these extra costs.

8.3 In the event of damage from an accident caused by third party, Jonna needs the third partys contact details and a story of the even which you both agree on, in order to user third party incurance instead of invoicing the renter. If we have all info damages may be covered by a third party insurance. If no contact details or joint story is presented, costs will be payable in full by renter.

9. Payments

10.1 For extra fees, e.g. deductible, Jonna will need the payment in full before handing out a new bike.

10.2 If a recurring payment cannot be done due to insufficient funds, expired card or other, there will be reminder sent to customer to edit their details. If payment is not within Jonnain 7 days of the orignial payment date Jonna will start invoicing with an admin fee of 30 SEK. Unpaid invoices are sent to debt collection.

10. Responsibility

10.1 The renter must check and agree to the bike at pickup. If a renter has agreed to a bike and ridden away, this is taken as proof that the bike was working to the users expectations at the start.

10.2 The renter must let Jonna know as soon as possible if there are any issues at all with the bike.

10.3 Use of the bike is at own risk. If there are any safety concerns of the bike, user must contact Jonna immediately.

11. Changes

11.1 Changes in terms are communicated at least one month in advance via web and email.

11.2 Jonna has the right to hand over bad debt to third parties.

12. Lack of obligations

12.1 Jonna has the right to cancel a subscription via email if renter:

– Is in debt and cannot fullfill the terms of the agreement;

– Puposely gives Jonna incorrect information;

– Hyrestagaren inte uppföljer villkoren;

12.2 The renter has the right to cancel the contract if Jonna has seriously failed with following its obligations according to the terms and conditions.