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How does Jonna bike rental work?

With Jonna you get your own bike for a fixed monthly fee.

Vi deliver it newly served to your door. We also guarantee that the bike always works with our service guarantee. If you would e.g. get a puncture or for any other reason cannot ride the bike to our location. THen we will come to your adress and either fix or replace your bike. 

If you no longer need the bike you simply hand it back to us. 

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What is included in the Jonna guarantee?

You can always get service and help with your bike at our location.

Our service guarantee (on location) is applicable if you live in a post code in our service area. This is roughly between Farsta and Sollentuna.

Included at your adress: Punctures and non-working pedals that hinders you from riding the bike to us. We’ll fix the bike within two working days from when you report it. 

Not on location, but in our shop: Tire pressure, adjustment of gears and brakes, seat adjustments and everything else. You can always get help with your bike at our service center.

What happens after I order a bike?

When you book your bike you will be given the option of either picking it up or getting it delivered to your home on a particular day. 

If you choose home delivery we’ll drive the bike to your house. We will call you right before arriving at your house in order to meet up on the street.

If you choose pickup you are welcome to pick up your bike at Tegelbacken 4A, by central station.

Once you place your order you will recieve a confirmation via email with your chosen pickup or delivery time slot.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Hand back the bike at our location to cancel your subscription. Under the menu item my account you can always see the next payment date of your subscription.

If you still have months left in your subscription plan the monthly deductions will continue until the fixed plan expires.

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

In the case of theft – your deductible is 750 kr if you have properly locked your bike to a fixed object.

Create a police report and supply Jonna with a copy of the report and your key. We will then supply you with a new bike within two working days. 

A credit check will be done before sending out a new bike. 

Is the bike the right size for me?

Our bike fits riders who are 155-190 cm tall. At point of delivery we will adjust the bike to fit you. 

I live outside Stockholm/Uppsala, may I still rent a bike?

If you live outside our service area, i.e. 9km from city centre Stockholm or Uppsala, you may still rent a bike. We cannot; however, offer delivery and all service requests must be done by bringing the bike to our service center. If you are unsure whether you live within our service area, or believe we should include your specific postal code, please contact us.

Can you take my used bike as a trade-in?

If you already have a used bike we can take that bike as a trade-in. You will be able to have a Jonna bike free of charge a couple of months. You can read more here or ask us.

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Free service guarantee

Delivery in Stockholm/Uppsala*

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50 % lower deductible (theft and vandalism)

* Delivery and service within a 9km radius from Stockholm and Uppsala. On the checkout page you can see if you postal code is in the zone. If you have the option of delivery it meads you have emergency service at your address as well.